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The Integrity of Your Organisation is at Stake

Open Sources Data Research supporting your NGO’s interests and integrity Human suffering from natural and man-made disasters has rarely been so widespread and catastrophic. Meanwhile, the exposure of abuse of vulnerable peoples by charities, contractors, United Nations personnel and others is discrediting individuals, organisations and the entire humanitarian sector that works for people in desperate need […]

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Post-Secondary Education Institutions and the Internet

Increased global access and use of the Internet present both challenges and opportunities for all sectors of our modern world. Post-secondary education is one sector that needs to consider how to best utilise the promise of the Internet (and, mitigate the risks) in order to maximise schools’ public profiles, their recruitment campaigns and their ability […]

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Africa and Social Media: Part Two

Social Media Usage Social media are crucial components of Africa’s Internet activity. According to the 2014 “Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology” report by the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, approximately 78% of Internet usage in Africa is in social media.  Social media have become increasingly important fora for Africans to air their political views, […]

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