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The Integrity of Your Organisation is at Stake

Open Sources Data Research supporting your NGO’s interests and integrity

Human suffering from natural and man-made disasters has rarely been so widespread and catastrophic. Meanwhile, the exposure of abuse of vulnerable peoples by charities, contractors, United Nations personnel and others is discrediting individuals, organisations and the entire humanitarian sector that works for people in desperate need of help and care.  Once supportive publics and institutions in donor countries are deeply concerned by the news.

With those on the frontlines of global humanitarian battles seeing their credibility sapped and support eroded, what can be done to respond to anxious stakeholders, discouraged staff and hesitant donors? And what can be done to reduce future risks of harm?  

Adding public Internet-based open sources research (OSR) enhances due diligence strategies and safeguarding practices. Where the extent of publicly-accessible online data (including social media) continue to expand globally, OSR is a new norm for first level data collection, business intelligence and public communication.  It offers a higher level of protection to staff, volunteers, and vulnerable clients. It also raises the confidence of stakeholders’, including current donors and prospective ones. Ultimately, it helps protect your organisation’s interests and reputation.

In practical terms, this means doing your homework:

  • Verify the claims and understand the histories and credibility of those representing your organisation;  
  • Hear the voices…know what people say about your organisation, your staff, your implementing partners and your work; and,
  • Build trust…reduce barriers and encourage reporting, communicate your message of support, demonstrate your accountability and transparency.

Confidion can help your organisation do all of this and more, through the analysis of publicly accessible Internet data that are collected in adherence to the highest of privacy standards.  Our approach strengthens your existing systems and leaves you in control of the process.

Contact us to learn more about how Confidion can help your organisation.