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Policy Development

Confidion can support clients’ policy development in a number of ways, for both the public and private sectors. The core of our policy development support rests on our ability to conduct detailed contextual and trend analysis through the collection of historical data, including public sentiment. From this, Confidion analysts are able to identify possible correlations between stakeholder concerns, existing policies and outcomes, such as public satisfaction levels, community participation, potential complicating variables affecting policy effectiveness, etc.

Confidion’s analysis can be used as a stand-alone input to the policy development process or can be integrated with other streams of evidence to give a fuller picture by supplementing traditional methodologies or cross-checking those other streams.

Public sector applications include:

      • Foreign policy
        • Gauging “fit” of policy ideas in specific countries or theatres
        • Influence and contribution of diaspora populations
        • Fine-tune policy implementation (e.g. democratic reform programme design, peacebuilding strategies, good governance support project design, etc)
        • Trade promotion opportunities
      • Domestic policy example
        • Stakeholder consultation design for policy review
        • Inform communication/PR strategy regarding new policy launch or roll-out

Private sector applications include:

      • Inform communications/PR strategy
      • Identify stakeholder or shareholder concerns, including potential regulatory issues, related to company policies
      • Monitor for staff or affiliate compliance with company policies