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Risk & Threat Management

Confidion takes a wide view of risk management by revealing threats, assessing risks, treating vulnerabilities, and identifying opportunities for our clients utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT).

We apply this approach to a number  of applied research domains, such as:

Due Diligence

    • Background checks
    • Security vetting
    • Supply chain analysis

Situational Awareness

    • Staff and facility security/safety monitoring
    • Shifting public mood/attitudes regarding issues of concern to clients
    • Pre-deployment/visit briefing package
    • Increase real-time familiarity of events and dynamics on the ground pre- or post-deployment
    • Identification of key influencers, networks and important social media channels

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Issue/concern monitoring among stakeholders
    • Stakeholder identification and mapping
    • Monitoring stakeholders’ reactions to initiatives/projects/events
    • Identification of key opinion makers/influencers

Network/Link Analysis

    • Map linkages of relevant people/groups/companies/organisations and qualify the relationships
    • Cross-check relationship claims
    • Identify non-obvious relationships

Export Market Development

    • Identify potential foreign markets for particular products and services
    • Identify and understand the different markets’ possible opportunities and challenges (e.g. consumers’ preferences, behaviours, expectations, cultural sensitivities, etc.) that can inform possible modifications to products and services or tailored marketing approach
    • Identify possible local agents/representatives/partners
    • Identify possible competitors (locally or internationally-based)
    • Identify strategic challenges (e.g. strong anti-direct foreign investment sentiment, official corruption, etc)
    • Identify possible points of leverage (e.g. strong brand recognition among diaspora communities in other markets

Competitor Analysis

    • Identify potential competitors prior to the launch of a new product or service
    • Identify potential competitors before they enter your established market
    • Conduct an analysis of competitors’ position in the marketplace
    • Conduct a comparative analysis of brands/companies/products to highlight a client’s strengths or weaknesses, and understand the competitive marketplace