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Confidion is a research and analysis firm that supports clients in the areas of risk and threat managementtechnology consultingpolicy development and monitoring and evaluation.

Risks and Threat Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • HR and Recruitment Screening (Utilizing OSINT)
  • Due Diligence (Investors, Partners, Contractors, Geographic etc.)
  • Online Vulnerability Assessment (What does your digital footprint expose?)
  • Situational awareness

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Technology Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development
  • Software Procurement
  • Managed Services
  • Online Vulnerability Assessment
  • Training

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Policy Development and Assessment

  • Foreign policy
    • Gauging “fit” of policy ideas in specific countries or theatres
    • Influence and contribution of diaspora populations
    • Fine-tune policy implementation (e.g. democratic reform programme design, peacebuilding strategies, good governance support project design, etc)
    • Trade promotion opportunities
  • Domestic policy example
    • Stakeholder consultation design for policy review
    • Inform communication/PR strategy regarding new policy launch or roll-out

Private sector applications include:

  • Inform communications/PR strategy
  • Identify stakeholder or shareholder concerns, including potential regulatory issues, related to company policies
  • Monitor for staff or affiliate compliance with company policies

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Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Evaluating the reach and audience profile of online publications whose target markets are countries with strictly censored online environments.
  • Evaluating the reach and effectiveness of one government’s online messaging intended for an influential audience in another country.
  • Measuring levels of public awareness or sentiment towards a government policy/programme, changes in those values over time and understanding the dynamics driving any changes.

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