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Category: Business

Sub-Saharan Africa and Open Source, Internet-based Due Diligence

In January 2019, the International Monetary Fund released its annual world economic outlook and sub-Saharan Africa as a whole is forecast to grow by 3.5 percent in 2019.   While some of this growth will be driven by organic development of African economies, other drivers will be foreign direct investment and international firms entering new African […]

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The Integrity of Your Organisation is at Stake

Open Sources Data Research supporting your NGO’s interests and integrity Human suffering from natural and man-made disasters has rarely been so widespread and catastrophic. Meanwhile, the exposure of abuse of vulnerable peoples by charities, contractors, United Nations personnel and others is discrediting individuals, organisations and the entire humanitarian sector that works for people in desperate need […]

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Africa and Social Media: Part Two

Social Media Usage Social media are crucial components of Africa’s Internet activity. According to the 2014 “Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology” report by the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, approximately 78% of Internet usage in Africa is in social media.  Social media have become increasingly important fora for Africans to air their political views, […]

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Africa and the Internet: Part One

Introduction Africa is the world’s richest continent in terms of natural resources, but one resource that it is woefully lacking is data and information, the continent’s rarest and most valuable commodity.  Organizations and investors operating in Africa have little to go on in terms of official statistics and data sets.  Even in cases where these […]

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Welcome to Confidion

Welcome to our new website. While we still have some work to do here, it is almost done. In the coming weeks, as our consultants have time, they will begin to blog on topics closely related to what we do and the things we are most interested in. Thanks for stopping by and please visit regularly.

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